We Fight For Love


“Fight just a little bit, love just a little bit…”

It took only one listen to make this my favorite track on Q-Tip’s Renaissance. Fighting gets such a negative connotation but anyone that has fought for something they love will tell you that it hurts the most when you drop the gloves, take the blows and lay down. When you’ve lost the will to fight you’ve lost the passion, the intent. At least when you fight you have a goal in mind, to stop whatever the pain is that is making you swing. But when you know the pain will never go away or are no longer concerned with it, resignation, that is the end. I have some dear friends who are fighting for love or fighting to be loved right now and I dedicate this song to them. For those of you who have given up the fight, I hope you find something worth fighting for one day. Even if its yourself.

Q-Tip – Conan O’Brien – 1/19/2009
Uploaded by 3030fm

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