With so much knowledge

That we do not wish to have

We hate not knowing –Haiku, 11-30-07

“They can fill a library the size of a football field with the ish we don’t know.” While that’s a paraphrase of backhanded insult I heard in a movie or something I find that it’s true for most of us. There is SO MUCH in this world that we just don’t know or don’t care to know but what eats at us all are the things we’re not ALLOWED to know. You could walk by a blue door on Broadway every day of your life and never wonder what’s behind it until you see a sign on it that says “do not enter” or “members only.” What the hell you mean I can’t?? Next thing you know you’re picketing outside of an empty building demanding to get in. It’s ok, I include myself in this. It sucks to not know.

I had a convo with a dear friend not too long ago where we joked about mortality and the afterlife. What if after all of the fighting and postulating about death, when you closed your eyes it was just…darkness. No heaven, no hell…no credits rolling. I laughed as they spat through the phone: “That would suck!” Eloquent in its sincerity. Score one for the faithful.

Nevertheless, those x-factors, the unknowns in our daily lives, are things many of us can’t help but try to solve for. We gather as many variables as we can, subtracting, dividing, factoring (funny how much math sounds like life, huh?) until we get an answer which may or may not be right. (Did you check your positive and negative signs?…there goes math sounding like life again).

Well, I’m here to say that it’s ok to not know sometimes. Instead of trying to pick the locks on those closed doors, walk down the street to the open ones. There will always be an x, but if you need direction, sometimes it’s more productive to solve for y.

With that said, enjoy my latest creation, Enigma, another improbable mash-up of sonic slivers from Teddy Pendergrass( “Life is a song worth singing”), Curtis Mayfield (“Freddy’s Dead”) Baby Face and Pebbles (“Love Makes Things Happen”).

Oh, and for those who care, the Maxwell beat used the bassline from “Ascension” with the wa-wa guitar from “Welcome.” The vocals came from “Somethin, Somethin” and “Whenever, Wherever, Whatever” respectively…

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