Cold “Roc” The Spot

Is there anything more cliche than a Jay-Z remix these days? I know, but when in Rome…With “Roc Boys” getting the single/video treatment I figured I’d let Isaac Hayes set the mood for some black super hero music…
True story, this started out as a remix to Pharoah Monch’s “Simon Says.” The monstrous horns that open up Isaac Hayes’ “Ike’s Mood” sounded aggressive enough at first, but after a few spins against Monch’s flow it just wasn’t dark enough. Maybe it was the way I chopped in the flute, too. But rather than scrap it I looked for something else that might click with the 94 bpm track I’d all but finished. I’d resisted downloading the American Gangster Acapellas for a while. Frankly, I think that Black Friday and Hasan Insane MURDERED the acapellas on An American Gangster Mixtape and felt there wasn’t anything left to do (peep how they mixed “Synthetic Subsitution” drums with Jill Scott on “Heart of The Black City”). But after letting my beat play behind the verse from “Roc Boys” I decided to play with it. A few minutes later I had my own remix.

When that was done I took a swipe at “Pray” which is also 94 BPMS. I gave it a different flavor though starting with a one note chop of “Faded Lady,” which I first heard used by Diamond D on “I Went For Mine” and most recently by DJ Scratch for Busta Rhymes’ “New York Shit.” Feedback–good, bad or indifferent–is welcomed and encouraged.

If I feel compelled I may use an Al Green loop to take a shot at “Ignorant Shit.” Holla.

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